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Shipping, Returns & Privacy

Shipping Information: 
How does OYO Jewelry ship?
All packages are sent out via DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT or FeDex.
Do you Drop Ship?
No, we don't ship directly to your customers. We only ship directly to you.
How much will it cost to ship our order?
Shipping costs are based on the delivery location as well as the weight and value of the package. Shipping costs will vary from order to order.
How do I know our delivery time?
- Within 1-3 working days for goods in stock.
- Within 4-6 working days for customized products.
- Within 14-18 working days for goods out of stock.
How do I receive our tracking information once our order is shipped?
We send you the tracking number by email once your order is shipped.
When will our order arrive?
We use DHL to ship all orders unless otherwise specified. Generally speaking, it takes DHL 3-6 working days to ship the goods to your door.